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John Lennon’s Turd – Auditions completed

Posted by Phil On May - 1 - 2013

John Lennon's Turd Poster

 A short film about the crassness of the cult of celebrity. Filming in early June



Auditions have been completed. Actors  are chosen.  Check out here about the Audition process

Luke Stevenson  is  “Ian

09-jlt auditions


Kenton Hall is “Digby

2-jlt auditions -Kenton -1


and Melissa de Mol is Ian’s long suffering girlfiend “Carol”

03-jlt auditions-melissa -3

The Premise

On December 15th 1969 John Lennon played a concert at the Lyceum in London. The last time he played with George Harrison.

The following morning he and Yoko travelled to Montreal for a meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada to discuss World Peace.

Suppose ..on the way  …he was caught short .. it had been a mad rush since the concert ..and he didn’t have time to go to the ..

So  he stops the Rolls Royce at a random house.   ..asks the owner to use the toilet.   …but the flush isn’t working.   …and the owner is left with John Lennon’s turd..

Actually based on a true story, told me back in the sixties by a friend who was visited by a Beatle, who left behind an unflushed poo …which he kept unflushed for days.  🙂   ..until his Mum insisted.

 The script

“Brilliant. Extremely charming, great comic timing and pace.”

“This is a fun script.. it’s amusing …- and works really well. Characters work well. Dialogue is very good – nice one! The arena works well and feels authentic.”

The cast

Being chosen in the next few weeks.


May – June 2013 somewhere in the south of England.


…   maybe ..but read this

John Lennon’s loo fetches £9,500 at auction for Beatles fans

A porcelain lavatory which John Lennon told a builder to use as a “plant pot” has fetched £9,500 – nearly 10 times its guide price – at an auction today.

The loo was used by the music legend when he lived at Tittenhurst Park in Berkshire between 1969 and 1972.

Lennon told builder John Hancock to keep it and “use it as a plant pot”, after he installed a new one.

The toilet was stored in a shed at Mr Hancock’s home for 40 years until he died recently.

Auction organiser and Beatles expert Stephen Bailey said: “It is unbelievable. We had bids coming in from all over the place but it went to a private overseas buyer.”




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