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So far I’ve been wary of running a crowdfunding campaign. It’s a huge amount of work to run a successful one, just at the point when you need all your energy to produce your film …and I’ve always been been unsure of my ability to payback the funders.   By that I mean to pay them back by providing what I promised, sharing my progress, emotionally committing to them.

This blog by Nathalie at Mentorless provides a cautionary tale.

crowdfunding pix

You’ve just spent the most intense month of your life sending hundreds of online updates via all the Social Media platforms available on Earth, asking your friends and the friends of your friends, and the guy on the line at CVS to spend their money and use their contacts to help you reach your goal and you did! Life is awesome.

But the people who have invested in you are asking for much much more than what you expect.  Welcome to the more-work-for-no-money period of your life.

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