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New Final Cut Pro X? …in December

Posted by Phil On October - 22 - 2013

Apple have just  announced new generation of Final Cut Pro X.

UPDATE:  No …it wasn’t!  Just a new version 10.0.9 with minor improvements .. Apple announced at their press launch a “new generation” of Final Cut X..  but the reality …once I was able to read the details on the Apps Store was disappointingly not  that. Shame.

However the updated Final Cut Pro X will be released in December with the new Mac Pro.  Yesterday the did give the Press an opportunity to see the Mac Pro and the new Final Cut Pro X in action.

‘ this time out there were a trio of Pros actually plugged in. The most impressive of the three was 4K video editing in Final Cut. Thanks in no small part to the dual-GPUs, our friendly Apple demoer had the tower hooked up to two monitors (you can do up to three in Mavericks, mind), editing 16 angles in 4K with no discernible rending occurring. An impressive feat, to say the least.’

Apple announced that not only is the new OS X Mavericks available for download right now, but it’s available completely free.  The new OSX Maverick operating system seems good. I’ve been holding off upgrading my OS until I finished editing my last film, so I might now take the plunge.  But Lifehacker’s advice is…

Overall, OS X Mavericks doesn’t offer many compelling reasons to upgrade right now. While by no means terrible, we highly recommend waiting until Apple squashes most of the bugs and rolls out at least one update to the first version. If you really require one of the flagship features, however, go ahead and upgrade now. Although imperfect, it will work reasonably well and won’t cost you anything but time.

Apple’s also introduced faster, cheaper, and lighter 13″ and 15″ Retina Macbook Pros (but still no 17″ model) , the new update for OS X will be available for Macs going as far back as 2007, so even if you’re on Snow Leopard, you’ll be able to get the new update completely free. It’s also a way for Apple to make things more compatible. If an update is completely free, it’s more likely that people will update, and thus they can stop supporting older OS versions.

Not only Mac’s operating system but also iWork software suite, which compete with Microsoft’s Excel, Word and other applications, will now be offered free to all users.

By giving away its Mac operating system Apple is taking on Microsoft’s predominant Windows platform, installed on an estimated eight to nine out of 10 of the world’s computers and one of its most profitable cash cows.

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