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Two awards for LOVE at 50 Kisses Premiere

Posted by Phil On February - 16 - 2014

1-Love poster 5


Well it was quite a night at the 50 Kisses Premiere in London on Valentines  Eve, where we won two awards.  Winning Production Team   &   The Guerilla Film Award.


Just a few days before the BAFTAs, the cast of our film LOVE  were all poshed up.

1-2014-02-13 19.11.31

Holly was in her element, glammed up for the Red Carpet.  I think she could make a career of this!


…and we were joined by Lula Suassana. Fresh from rehearsals for his new play  Poilu & Tommy at the Courtyard Theatre.  I was amused to see him arrive with the same rucksack he used in our film.  It had his costume in it.


Following the photocall, we could also pose with some very tall ladies wearing …well ..not very much. I decided that I would only come up to chest …um ..breast height on them and this was a photo opportunity I would forego.


Holly making her stylish entrance to the packed  auditorium.



Me, Ruth, Holly and Ben, her dad


Holly practicing her “winning”   smile…

4-2014-02-13 19.58.15

..ready for the team awards..


…and the second last award of the night …The Guerilla Film Award.   Our film was described Chris Jones as “Audacious, Extraordinary and Courageous.”



This was our view from the stage.  Pretty awesome!


..and here I am trying not to miss out anyone who needed thanking … including London Underground.08-P1090059


Back in our seats ready to watch the film.



To be honest I wasn’t sure how well a feature composed of 25 short films  would work.

I’ve been a judge for  short films competitions and after a bit of viewing one film after another it can get quite monotonous.

But I was surprised. 50 Kisses worked better than I expected. I think having the common motif of the kiss tied them all together.  Some of the films are really moving. I loved “Smasheroo”, which won best film.

Though they had been edited together without transitions, so  when the audience applauded at the end of each film it ran over into the opening of the next film. Occasionally it was difficult to tell where one story ended and the next began.   …and I found the music, which would have worked  effectively over the arc of each individual film, became …for me .. too similar and too much.


But all in all was an enjoyable experience.  Pretty amazing to get  that many people to creatively collaborate.. Likely a Guinness World Record for number of writers.

Was it a record for the length of credits?  15 minutes showing excerpts from all the films submitted.



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  1. Evan marlowe says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Love is an incredibly powerful film. So glad you were recognized for it.

    • Phil says:

      Hi Evan, I think your film also had a tiny crew. It liberating to see what can be achieved with great script and good actors. ..and a camera.

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