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Two films and two screenplays in Official Selection for Toronto ReelHeART International Film Festival.

Wow! That was a surprise.   I had read an article about  the bad side effects of reading your phone last thing at night. Something about the light. Apparently makes it difficult to get to sleep.

So I determined to not look at it.  But as I settled down, the LED on the phone was flashing.

Feeling guilty at my lack of will power I turned it on.

..and read

“Announcements  for the 11th Annual ReelHeART International Film Festival Here are our Short Film Official Selections – Congrats to  Phil Peel

Oh Wow. I’ve got a film in.  No wait..    I’ve got two in.

So a quick repost on  Facebook, then the responses flooded in. My friend in the Canada and the U.S. wide awake in their different time zones.

Finally it calmed down. So putting the phone down, I turned back to sleep.

I turned back. The phone was flashing again.


Again thinking how weak willed I was, I switched it on again.  A new email from Toronto.

“The *FINALISTS* for the 11th Annual ReelHeART International Film Festival**Feature Screenplay Competition**! Congrats to the sneaky, naughty and creative Phil Peel

Hey fantastic. I got one in. I wonder which one?

Both my entries were shortlisted. “Phoebe Langtry” in the Semi Final.  …and “Best of Intentions in the Finals”


That is AMAZING!   Definitely have to plan for flight to Toronto this July.


Tell you what.   After that I couldn’t get to sleep.


…but did I mind?     🙂



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