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The follow up to 50 Kisses goes live.

Posted by Phil On May - 27 - 2015

Vreate50 the impact

Finally it can be revealed. The follow up to the crowdsourced feature film 50 Kisses is officially launched

…and one of my scripts is currently in top position on the most popular list …probably not for long, but hey it looks good for the moment  🙂

There’s a group of us screenwriters from 50 Kisses who’ve been busily beta testing the new Create50 website for four months now.  We’ve been sworn to secrecy until the launch.    So here’s the pitch.

A civilisation-destroying meteor, heading towards earth, is discovered by NASA. It’s terrifying, devastating and inevitable impact is announced from the White House. With only two hours left for humankind, what would happen?

Check it out.   Winners will share a screen credit for screenplay with Joe Eszterhas ( Basic Instinct) who has written the opening two pages.




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