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How to gain an extra days filming … sort of?

Posted by Phil On July - 6 - 2015

A very curious day(s) during the third day of our Toronto film shoot.  I awoke early (no curtains) and sat in my bed marking up the lined script and put together a rough test edit of some scenes


The day was good,  the  bedroom scene went well. (another ? )  and I ended up filming in the shower again.


Later on Melissa tried out my equipment. Looks like I wasn’t too impressed 🙂

Melissa and Phil IMG_2768 smaller

Then day 3 of filming in Toronto turned into day 3A, as we got back to the apartment at about 5 and fell asleep. Melissa on the couch (where I usually sleep) so I went for a nap on her bed and Paul who I thought was asleep who actually checking sound, came through to find us both asleep,  so went to sleep himself. 6 hours later,  Melissa woke to find it all dark. Woke us up. We had breakfast at Midnight. Then filmed through till 5am pausing for lunch at 3am. Now it’s 6:30 am, dawn again and we’re off to bed for the second time.

Dawn over Toronto as we go to sleep for the second time.


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