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Filming of the Gym and Pool scene

Posted by Phil On April - 20 - 2011

Ok I’ve completed the Gym and Pool scene for “One Step” Sasha’s play about an amputee.

We shot this in a few hours at the Trouville Hotel in Bournemouth.

My aim was to have lots of moving tracking shots, but the mirrors meant I kept getting us in the shots, so it ended up rather more static than I  intended.




I tried out some new techniques for getting moving shots over water. I think they worked quite well.  Mike lit it and we shot on a Pentax DSLR and a Panasonic. It was very hot in the gym, but we didn’t have any condensation problems.

Actors were Sasha, Sean and Lewis, who seemed to act out enjoying themselves very well. Smile

This got over 1700 hits in the first day on Youtube.


Lewis, Sasha and Sean

Filming tomorrow at the Trouville Hotel

Posted by Phil On March - 28 - 2011


Great swimming pool. Should be fun to film. 🙂

1000 hits for video filmed at the amputee centre

Posted by Phil On March - 16 - 2011

Then after all the filming at the amputee centre  we very quickly shot a scene from the play. I wasn’t sure we had time to do it, but Sasha and Tara mocked up a hospital bed, Mike threw up some lights. I looked at what Sasha and Sean were planning to do and then shot it in one take. We didn’t have time for another.  So  after spending some time using Final Cut Motion to try to smooth out the worst of the wobbles I bunged it up on Youtube.


We were absolutely amazed when we got 1000 hits in the first 24 hours.

Sasha Paul and Sean Gittings in scene from “One Step”