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Another Feature Screenplay rewritten

Posted by Phil On March - 25 - 2012

Phew! I’ve finally completed the latest draft of my Jack the Ripper Screenplay.  I’d completed the script over a year ago, but it needed massive revision. …and I’d got completely stuck on it for a long time.  I had re-written the ending to make it more dramatic and ended up with Act 1 and 2 which didn’t mesh with Act 3.  I’ve attempted to solve it before, but just got stuck as it was so complicated.

So over many months I’ve tried a variety of computer programs to help me analyse it. Excel charts, Mind maps, Power Structure, Scrivener, Phil Gladwin’s Screenwriting Goldmine , Blake Snyder ‘s Beat Sheet. etc. etc. nothing worked.

So after a break of several months to give me some distance from the storyline, I eventually reverted to pencil and paper and it’s worked. The solution was to cut most of my favourite scenes. Now the storyline make sense!  But I now have to transfer the scribbles on over 100 script pages and type them back into the script.