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Kids in Care

Posted by Phil On August - 7 - 2011

Well I’m in the middle of a major edit session.   A 30 minute reality style drama documentary for Bournemouth Council about and with Kids in Care. We‘ve been filming over 6 months and there’s over 500Gbytes of video.


Though not in the original plan, we ended up filming on 3 different cameras and formats, so with Final Cut Pro  I have to wait while the sequences render, so at the moment I have a 5 4 minute wait, so rather than sit, get frustrated and bite my fingernails as I did yesterday, I though it would be more stimulating to write up my blog about the filming experience.

The video is planned to be used for kids coming into Care and to tell them about how the system works, who they will deal with, meetings, reviews, social workers, foster carers …and a whole load of acronyms LAC, IROs, PEPs etc.   (which if you really want to know stand for  Looked after Children, Independent Review Officers and  Personal Education Plans

This is all pretty complex stuff, not best suited for video.  So I came up with the idea of using reality show techniques, that is using a dramatic story structure to get the audience involved.

So the storyline is  …a group of youngsters are called to a imposing office building, where an intimidating entrepreneur and his two assistants set them a task,which they have to complete in 48 hours. So they have to go off to interview a number of people and complete a series of tasks, to see if they will be hired.

Sounds familiar?



So we had Nicky Meany as Sir Alan..sorry Lord Sugar.


…and Sasha Paul and myself as Karen and Nick

apprentice boardroom 2

Nicky was brilliant as ..a rather youthful Sir Alan .  Though it was a long hard day, the kids loved it and the edited video is shaping together well.