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First day of filming "Autumn Leaves

Posted by Phil On November - 29 - 2011

Filming Autumn leaves in Bournemouth

It was a beautiful autumn day. Ollie and Jess in best retro 1980s gear.  They are playing the younger versions of two modern day adults  (if that makes sense?) in the film adaptation of Michael Sands play “Autumn Leaves”

Jess had learnt all her lines, but as I had unwisely spent a long time setting up the camera and radio mikes, she got tired and announced after the rehearsal that she didn’t want to do any more!

Luckily I had filmed the rehearsal…and after negotiations with her agent Sasha Paul (Mum) she also agreed to do some more takes.

Filming with the GH2 in Poole

Ollie and Jesse were both fantastic. I can never learn lines.  I suppose it’s in the genes!

Filming with Panasonic GH2 in Poole

The crew were mostly Pauls  (Witcombe and Francis)  and Robin who’s taking the photos.

I used the small HDMI monitor on top of the camera so Paul could see the shot to keep the boom out.

Filming with GH2 and HDMI monitor

Though the scene worked well, I realised in retrospect, it might have been more sensible to have shot with multiple cameras (which I could have done as I had other ones there). This would have greatly eased the difficulty of matching the changing eyelines between the close ups and wides.

First day of new film shoot tomorrow

Posted by Phil On November - 18 - 2011

It’s going to be a busy week. So it’s good that my broken rib is mending.

Saturday we start filming my adaptation of Michael Sands’ play “Autumn Leaves”

“On a park bench in Greenwich, two friends meet for the first time in years, but as they discuss the past, the man has to say to her something that will change their friendship forever. But is the risk of losing her too great to say what he wants?

We’re filming with the lovely Sasha Paul’s two kids, who are playing the younger versions of the adult couple in flashback. So it’s 1980s style costume, and complete with legwarmers!

Just to make life confusing, most of the crew are called Paul! {:-)

Later scenes are in the London Underground. Should be interesting.

Then Sunday is filming some football scenes for the dance rap music video linked to the Football/ Cowboy/ Time travel film. Yes you heard right!

Thursday is a live multicamera going to giant screen for audience of 5000.

Then a few days later filming at River Studios, the second day of the recording of the rap dance track. phew!

Wow… it’s been so busy recently, I  haven’t had a chance to  keep up my blog, so going back two weeks  now to catch up.

Having spent 3 days filming dance with Lizzie Sykes on Poole dockside, with all the problems of working in the open air, this was far more controlled.

It was a dance performance by Jane Mason, which we shot with a live audience at the Pavilion Theatre.





We shot it with the Panasonic GH2 and it’s big brother, the Panasonic AF101. They  the same 4/3 chip, so should match well.


Filming tonight at 60 Million Postcards in Bournemouth

Posted by Phil On September - 3 - 2011

I’m filming Momo:tempo’s Electro Pops Orchestra tonight at 60 Million Postcards …and early tomorrow as part of  Musicosity Music Festival and Bournemouth’s Arts By The Sea Festival

Timo Peach is a great character so it should be fun …but it doesn’t start till 11pm, so I hope I’m still sharp and lively. I’m filming with 2 cameras simultnaeously, so is quite tricky…  need to concentrate.



Here’s some previous filming with Momo ..or Timo Peach

Filmed at Champions