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How to make a half million hits YouTube video.

Posted by Phil On May - 31 - 2012

Now Everybody Stand In Line by L&O Featuring Valentine & Dretonio is now on ITunes, Amazon and HMV and the video has had probably 750,000 hits in its various different versions.

So it all started on a local football pitch and we ended up being interviewed by ITV News crew outside the Emirates Stadium and number one in the US dance charts.

Here’s a “behind the scenes doco” of the football, studio recordings, video shoot and news coverage of Now Everybody Stand In Line Football Anthem by L&O. + preview of new Ibiza mix.

Filmed in River Studios, Meadow Farm Studio and Liquid night club.
featuring producer/football manager Gary Louca, singers Dretonio, Valentine, Chris Todd and dance crew & sound engineer Olli Daddarn
Camera crew Mike Peel, Jude Peel and Robin Wheeler.
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The music video was all shot on a Panasonic GH2 with Pentax Super Takumar 1.7 lens and the Panasonic 14-140 zoom lens.

The making of video was mostly shot on a little Pansonic TZ7 camera.

Evening Standard article on Stand in Line video

Here’s a great article about “Stand in line”

Phil   AKA …”one of the guys doing the music video ”  🙂

TV News shows my music video

Posted by Phil On May - 3 - 2012

Though I used to work every day on TV News, I must admit it’s a thrill to get something I’ve personally directed and shot shown on Primetime TV.  So meeting up with the news crew today outside the Emirates Stadium took me back to my days in TV news…

( I realise that  I wrote “news crew” from habit.. It was actually one guy with a heavy Digibeta and  an equally heavy tripod.)

We met up ..eventually.  They went round it one way as we were going round to meet them on the other side.  🙂  ..and it’s a big stadium.   So eventually we met up.   ..and I found that I had worked with the cameraman at BBCTV  South many years ago.

So it was the normal  scenario .. Standing in the middle of a busy roundabout. Cars honking as they passed by. The reporter trying to get her head round the story, cameraman  wanting to do it  before the rain, quick interview, wide, reverse shots.


Finally let’s do an arty shot of the 2 singers and music producer, Valentine, Dretonio and Gary- all kitted out in newly bought Arsenal shirts-  walking down the steps to meet up with the glamorous reporter.

Singer Greg Valentine, rapper Dretonio and producer Gary Louca. Credit: London Tonight


Watching it this evening I thought it would they would run the interviews and just show a few seconds of the video at the end, but they actually ran over half of the music video  and wove the interviews into it.   ..and it worked really well.



…and then the Evening Standard wanted photos.  ..other media ..Soccer AM ..  it’s starting to catch on.. who knows   ..fingers crossed.



ITV London Tonight Website

Football song becomes unlikely hit” via @itvnews

Editing Everybody Dance in Line video

Posted by Phil On January - 15 - 2012

Finally finished filming. Now just completing the rough cut edit, which has to be finalised as soon as possible to be ready for MIDEM, The Music Industry Festival in Cannes on the last week of January.

So I’m just waiting for it all to export and render.P1010212

On one hand having a lot of footage is good as you have a greater choice of shots, but converting from AVCHD to Apple Pro res 422 take ages, then there’s logging and sorting. Several of the locations I had planned to use grounds.. proved impossible to get access to at this time of the year. Managers were (perhaps understandably) more interested in going for promotion or avoiding relegation than allowing a bunch of dancers, singers and actors onto their pitches.


And a well known educational establishment that promotes itself as industry friendly and keen to hire its facilities, still hasn’t replied to my urgent email and phone requests from well before Christmas.  (No’s not an educational establishment I’ve worked at ..if you’re wondering.. Smile


So what with one thing and another, a lot of my carefully considered plans had to be changed. But that’s the name of the game really.  Plan as much as you can, but be prepared with backup plans B and C. Try to stick to your original ideas, but be flexible, take advantage of luck, happy accidents and the unexpected.


However this does mean that you can be left with a lot more footage than if things had gone to plan.

I’ve just realised that the term footage is very dated now. I suppose I mean Gigabytes …doesn’t quite have the same ring to it though.


I digress.   I ended up with over 300 files.  I think.. I can’t be bothered to count.

So having to sync up most of them to the music track I again tried out Final Cut Pro Multiclip. I ought to get on well with it as it mimics the process of live vision mixing , but somehow it doesn’t work for me and I’ve ended up using about 30 video tracks. I’ve been told that it not good working on that many tracks, but it works for me.

over 350 cuts in a 4 minute video. Phew!



It’s finished exporting now back to work