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I wonder why every talk nowadays is called a Masterclass?   Anyway having edited since the Stone Age, I’ve picked up a few tips over the years, so next Tuesday evening at Salisbury Arts Centre I’m going to run though some of things I’ve learnt.  ..I have actually edited news using video tape and marking it with chinagraph pencil.   …but I won’t be demonstrating that. 🙂    I’m fiming all day in London and racing back for it.  So assuming John Bruce remembers to pick me up from the Salisbury station I should be there on time.

Here’s the official blurb.

“Fix it in post!” – Editing with Phil Peel

Award winning filmmaker Phil Peel has worked on over 50 short films, screened at festivals all over the world. After leaving the BBC, he founded and developed the Film Course at Salisbury (now Wiltshire) College, before taking over as Course Leader in the BA Film Production at the Arts University at Bournemouth.

He was one of only five English filmmakers to be supported by Creative England to attend the Talent Lab development programme at the 2013 Edinburgh International Film Festival. Apart from his work as a writer/director, Phil currently freelances as editor/colour grader in corporate, music, arts and drama. He’s used virtually every edit system, including 16mm film, Avid, Premiere Pro & Final Cut, and is presently working on FCPX, Da Vinci Resolve and After Effects.

In this Masterclass Phil will look at how editing has evolved, exploring scenes from feature films and music videos. He’ll also show some of the techniques he’s developed for speed editing at recent festivals, and how new technologies have revolutionised post production.

Bar will be open from 7:00pm for a 7:30pm start.

New Final Cut Pro X? …in December

Posted by Phil On October - 22 - 2013

Apple have just  announced new generation of Final Cut Pro X.

UPDATE:  No …it wasn’t!  Just a new version 10.0.9 with minor improvements .. Apple announced at their press launch a “new generation” of Final Cut X..  but the reality …once I was able to read the details on the Apps Store was disappointingly not  that. Shame.

However the updated Final Cut Pro X will be released in December with the new Mac Pro.  Yesterday the did give the Press an opportunity to see the Mac Pro and the new Final Cut Pro X in action.

‘ this time out there were a trio of Pros actually plugged in. The most impressive of the three was 4K video editing in Final Cut. Thanks in no small part to the dual-GPUs, our friendly Apple demoer had the tower hooked up to two monitors (you can do up to three in Mavericks, mind), editing 16 angles in 4K with no discernible rending occurring. An impressive feat, to say the least.’

Apple announced that not only is the new OS X Mavericks available for download right now, but it’s available completely free.  The new OSX Maverick operating system seems good. I’ve been holding off upgrading my OS until I finished editing my last film, so I might now take the plunge.  But Lifehacker’s advice is…

Overall, OS X Mavericks doesn’t offer many compelling reasons to upgrade right now. While by no means terrible, we highly recommend waiting until Apple squashes most of the bugs and rolls out at least one update to the first version. If you really require one of the flagship features, however, go ahead and upgrade now. Although imperfect, it will work reasonably well and won’t cost you anything but time.

Apple’s also introduced faster, cheaper, and lighter 13″ and 15″ Retina Macbook Pros (but still no 17″ model) , the new update for OS X will be available for Macs going as far back as 2007, so even if you’re on Snow Leopard, you’ll be able to get the new update completely free. It’s also a way for Apple to make things more compatible. If an update is completely free, it’s more likely that people will update, and thus they can stop supporting older OS versions.

Not only Mac’s operating system but also iWork software suite, which compete with Microsoft’s Excel, Word and other applications, will now be offered free to all users.

By giving away its Mac operating system Apple is taking on Microsoft’s predominant Windows platform, installed on an estimated eight to nine out of 10 of the world’s computers and one of its most profitable cash cows.

Copy, 20G free storage and online sync service

Posted by Phil On August - 29 - 2013

I find as a filmmaker I’m often having to send big video files via the Internet. Email attachments have size limitations, so that’s not very useful.

I use Dropbox quite a lot, but again the file size is limiting.  At present my Dropbox is completely blocked up with some video files uploaded for a corporate job some weeks ago.

This week I discovered a new free filesharing  called “COPY” when a film of mine was accepted by the New York Bootleg Film Festival and they asked me to use “COPY” to upload the film to them. It’s is a new filesharing program like Dropbox but better.

Particularly that you get 15G of storage.

Copy also doesn’t have size limitations.You could for example send a 10G 1080p video to anyone. ( though it would probably take a looong time to upload)

I think it’s brilliant and it seems to work well. Also they have a really good referral system.
If you register through my link you get an extra 5G    .. …and so do I   🙂

So here’s   my link to Copy program

Hope you find this useful.

and here’s a review of it..

Review: Copy, a fantastic online storage and sync service

Posted by  on May 23, 2013 | 

Copy_Horizontal_BannerContinuing with my “crusade” to find the perfect online storage platform, its now the turn of, a freshly launched service by Barracuda Networks a well known network and anti-spam security player in the market.

The first thing that catches your attention to try is their incredible referral system. Because they are new on this segment, they want to be sure everybody tries, and to do so they had the brilliant idea of giving away a 15 GB free account, and if you register through a referral link  you can get 20 GB of free space. But the good part doesn’t stops here, for each person you recommend and registers to their platform through your own referral link, validates their email address and installs the client software, will credit you 5 GB of additional space. For the moment, they are not limiting how much space you can get for free, so take advantage now if you need online storage,

The all in all functionality of Copy is very similar to Dropbox, you have one centralized folder where everything you move or copy there is automatically uploaded to cloud´s service and synced among your computers. You can access your files from Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS devices.

But there are some specific specs that make unique and a potential market shaker:

– You don’t need to copy or move files necessarily to the main folder: This has been the most requested spec Dropbox was unable to provide since a long long time, and does it very well. You can just create a shortcut of any folder on your computer to the folder and all the content of the destination shortcut will be copied and synced online too! So no more being stuck to one folder for your stuff, just leave the things where you are used to on your PC and create shortcuts, it works beautifully. Oddly this is not advertised as a main feature on their “About” page, I think they should.

– You can set permissions to files you share: allows you to set permissions on the folders you share. For example you can set a user to “Can Edit & Sync” or to “View Only”. The interface to do this unfortunately needs some polishing, I was unable to find the permissions management options within the application, for example on the sharing tab (where I think it should be) but instead, I had to go to the online website, and then to the shared folder to see the sharing permissions. Anyways the job is done, and this is also something Dropbox users have been asking since a lot ago, delivered!

– Fair Sharing: If you want to share a folder the amount of used space is splitted between the members joining the account. So if you share a 50 GB folder is not that everybody´s account will get 50 GB used (like Dropbox does), but instead all the users will give a part of their storage for that share.

Colour Grading in FCP Color

Posted by Phil On February - 2 - 2012

Mike and I have been colour grading the Stand in Line music video. After doing a primary grade to let the black and white levels right, then we moved on to the secondary grading.

Color correction on Final Cut Pro


Here’s Mike isolating the background. Actually the grey background was very difficult to separate. I wanted to matte out the floor as it had got dirtier through the 10 hours of filming, so the footprints are visible.

Color correction on Final Cut Pro


The yellow shirts really punched out well. So here we have 3 mattes : skin tones, yellow shirts and grey background

Color correction on Final Cut Pro


Here’s another shot where we we needed to isolate the grass, to make it consistent. When we were filming, one of the pitch floodlights was faulty, so one corner of the pitch was a strong yellow. My film lights were illuminating the middle area and the back floodlights were blueish

Color correction on Final Cut Pro


Adjusting the grass colour

Color correction on Final Cut Pro


The footballer shirts were orange. so here’s the  orange roughly isolated

Color correction on Final Cut Pro


The original colour

Color correction on Final Cut Pro


..with the orange brighter

Color correction on Final Cut Pro yellow!

Color correction on Final Cut Pro


Could even go blue, I suppose, but notice how parts of the faces are changing as the orange floodlight makes the side of the faces orange as well. So it was tricky to separate the colours.

Color correction on Final Cut Pro


This is making the ball whiter.

Color correction on Final Cut Pro

color grading with FCP


Then similar clips are linked.

Color correction on Final Cut Pro


Very fiddly process

Color correction on Final Cut Pro


So we can apply the basic secondary grades to a set at a time, before going on to dealing with the individual clips

Color correction on Final Cut Pro