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Apple certified Final Cut Pro training ends

Posted by Phil On November - 13 - 2011

Final cut X


Apparently as from Jan or February. Apple will no longer certify Final Cut Pro courses. If you want to become an Apple Certified Final cut user, it’s going to have to be Final Cut X.


So what is an Apple Certified Pro?
From the Apple site…

“An Apple Certified Pro is a user who has reached the highest skill level in
the use and operation of Apple’s Pro Applications as attested to by Apple.
How do I become an Apple Certified Pro?
To become an Apple Certified Pro, you must pass an online exam
administered at an Apple Authorized Training Center (AATC).”


I’m  also told that the Apple Certification Records System, where up until now  can provide access to employers to verify your certifications, will no longer keep records of Final Cut Pro certification. However if you’ve already done the Final Cut Pro courses, you hopefully still have your printed certificate.

I guess they’re pretty keen to get us to move to FCX

Confirmed by MacRumors, Final Cut Studio can be purchased for $999 (or $899 for educational buyers). That’s the same price the suite was being sold for as of July 2009, but $700 more than its newer replacement, Final Cut Pro X. Final Cut Studio wasn’t just Final Cut Pro though—it included Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 4, Soundtrack Pro 3, DVD Studio Pro 4, Color 1.5 and Compressor 3.5, which was one of the many reasons why professional users were extremely irked at the abrupt changes and discontinuations. Add to that the plethora of complaints about the near complete lack of backwards compatibility and drastic UI changes between Final Cut Pro 7 and X, and pro users were practically waving pitchforks outside of 1 Infinite Loop.