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Posted by Phil On February - 13 - 2014

It’s the Premiere of 50 Kisses in London Tonight   I always have tried to convince newcomers to filmmaking, that it isn’t glamorous. It’s usually too cold or  too hot, too wet, too dry, often boring, long hours, can be back breakingly physical.   Usually very.. very tiring.   but  rarely glamorous.   But tonight,  for our little team that made LOVE  it’s going to be glamorous  …and exciting,  high profile, dazzling, glittering and  glossy.  (thanks Thesaurus)    So I’ve had my hair cut (thanks Ruth), checked out the dinner jacket and bow tie (red) and ready to go up to London for the premiere of 50 Kisses. The world’s first crowdsourced narrative feature film. crew for 50 kisses I’m looking forward to meeting up with the actors  again. Holly Jacobson here . checking recces shots for filming Phil Peel and Holly       and  Lula Suassuna 04-2012-10-14 14.04.13   Holly, fresh from her own success as a filmmaker , will be in her finest I’m told, even persuading her  dad Ben to posh up.  06-2012-10-14 14.09.03 Melody Reynolds, her screen mum can’t be there unfortunately. Neither can Deanna and Terry.   (who could have flown back from Tenerife!  … only joking) My local paper, The Daily Echo is even excited about it …oh and there’ll be over 500 others in the audience.  Red carpet, awards and a party. Sounds glamorous..

Super 8 camera Digital Cartridge!

Posted by Phil On December - 7 - 2013

Here’s a fascinating idea, that needs some development but just might catch on

The Nolab Digital Super 8 Cartridge Can Make Your Film Cameras Go Digital

What if these old mechanical Super 8 cameras could be repurposed with modern technology in order to create digital images? Well, with the Nolab Digital Super 8 Cartridge, they can.

Ortho Hero copy


At first glance, the idea seems kind of crazy. Why use film cameras to capture a digital image? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Well, yes and no. Of course, many people shoot film because they prefer the aesthetic. However, in the case of the Super 8 cameras that took the proprietary Kodak film cartridges (which have been discontinued), an innovation like this has the potential to give new life to hardware that would otherwise sit and gather dust indefinitely.

By using a 5 megapixel sensor they can capture 720p HD footage at the native Super 8 aspect ratio of 4:3.

Processors integrated into the image sensor are able to  process and encode the footage in real time to a removable SD card.


Here’s the LINK

Lucy Hay  has has recently been championing my screenplay Phoebe Langtry, which is really good of her.

“Phil was one of my Pitch Me finalists with his screenplay, PHOEBE LANGTRY, the true story of a woman who is abandoned by her husband, yet builds a windmill back in 1812, when women were not allowed to own property. I loved the script and had no notes, so was happy to forward it to people I thought may also like it.”

So she’s sent it on to various producers, agents etc and BBC Films is also reading it.  As it seems to be on a bit of a roll I’ve created a Facebook page for Phoebe, where I’ll put up a lot of the research that I did in order to write it.

..and then quite separately I’ve been keeping people up to date on my John Lennon’s Turd comedy film, which is currently at the rather un-newsworthy  and boring edit stage.

I have  recently got rather fed up with the barrage of requests for  crowdfunding, Facebook  likes etc.  …and I didn’t want to add to the deluge, so I came up with the idea of listing 10 reasons why people shouldn’t like my John Lennon’s Turd Facebook page.

As a bit of fun I put it up on Lucy Hay’s blog. I poke fun at her in the list.  I hoped she would get the joke. ( Irony doesn’t always work well on the Net.)

.. and then was amazed when she loved it and reposted it on multiple blogs and websites. 

Here’s what she said……

I’ve been talking about bad use of social media recently re: constant lobbying for “Likes” etc … So when this popped up in one of my FB streams late Monday night, I was so impressed with such a deviation from the “norm”, I thought it deserved a wider audience. Over to you, Phil!

To read the rest,  here’s the link    Lucy’s Blog




Deanna and Terry in the Record shop Set for John Lennon’s Turd. Something in this set is worth over £500 . Can you guess what it is?1-P1010888