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Multicoloured screen of death

Posted by Phil On March - 5 - 2011

Well the fan has been a  bit noisy recently, but when I turned on my PC on Sunday, I was faced with a multi-coloured screen of death.  It was very pretty, but obviously also pretty serious. So I switched off   ..and on   …and off ….and on.  Nope it seemed here to stay.


From Drop Box


So I turned on the Mac and googled “pretty patterns on screen”. The advice was that it was most likely the graphics board. try swapping it.  So rummaging through old boxes of bits, I hunted down the original graphics board….and bingo it works.  Unfortunately only on one monitor, which is why I had upgraded the previous board.




Photo of U/S board


But the suddenness with which it had died made me appreciate more the need to do something about backing up all my video files. Up until fairly recently all the filming was on tape (or film) so if the wt came to the worst I could go back to the original tapes, but now I’m working on memory cards, which are wiped and reused, then if the Hard drive fails then I’ve lost everything.  And as I’m shooting HD now it takes up a lot of storage.

So I think I’m going to have to invest in a RAID array