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Contemporary Dance at Poole Dockside

Posted by Phil On August - 30 - 2011

We’ve recently been filming a dance sequence with Lizzie Sykes and Cathy Seago over several days at Poole Dockside. Devising a dance piece that is inspired by the location. It’s been quite challenging as we learn to work together, whilst dodging the huge trucks as they load and unload. Using jibs, booms, steadicam devices etc. to synchronise the movement of the camera and performer.

I haven’t got many photos as I’ve been too busy filming, but here’s a sequence with Cathy on top of a large Buoy.


We have been getting some strange looks from the passing tourist boats, but the dockers have been very friendly. I guess it’s not what they’re use to seeing at work,though it probably makes a change from the monotony of loading clay.





Mike’s using the Panasonic GH2 with a remote motorised Jib head