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Zombie Radio: read the review, watch the film

Posted by Phil On October - 28 - 2011

Lawrence Grays hilarious film which I shot for him last year.
Here’s the review

Really Good Short
Zombie Radio ends up being very funny and immensely entertaining. It pokes fun at all those crazy beliefs that some folks out there having concerning aliens, bigfooots and such. I did love the fact that the radio DJ who mocks them so much ends up being a zombie herself. That was a good touch. The gore effects at the end were very nice. This is a well done short.

and here’s the film.

Zombie Radio

Posted by Phil On May - 8 - 2011

Here’s Zombie Radio, which we shot last summer. A completely off the wall comedy in which our hero “Frank” shares an erotic realationship with “Luscious” in a mutual fascination to track down a neanderthal man, who has emerged out of the wilds of Dorset.

warning : contains decapitation scene.