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Filming the motorbike crash scene

Posted by Phil On March - 12 - 2011

It’s on again We’ve found our biker…or rather Sasha and Tara went to a biker’s convention jive night.

So the weather forecast is good so we’re all set for Monday.



filming on Monday

The best laid plans….

Posted by Phil On March - 7 - 2011

So we all arrived at the location in the depths of the New Forest to film the biking scene. 6 cars. Crew of 3, 2 actors, director, writer, 4 extras, helmet camera, 3 other cameras.

But where is the bike? Then we get a message that he’s had a puncture, so whilst he’s getting it repaired, we decide to shoot the close shots outside the shop scene. Avoiding the bike, as we can shoot the wide shots with the bike as soon as he arrives.

squeezing into the biker leathers Lewis squeezing into the leathers


We are in a mobile “dead” area, so communications are difficult. But then we hear that they can’t replace it as it’s a specialist tyre which has to be ordered.

So this is really going to tax our ingenuity, as I don’t want to waste everyone’s time.

So what did we do?


Well a lot of rolling around.  …for the actors Sean and Lewis that is. Diving through bushes and a load of blood and gore.


We ended up spending about 4 hours doing a series of very careful technical shots which will last only a few seconds on screen.

What we did to work around the absence of a bike was to film the few seconds after the bike crashes when they have become separated from the bike, which is presumably making it’s own way down the road.  We were never planning to film anything with the bike that involved it in anything other than normal straight and level riding. We can ask the actors to throw themselves around, but you can’t do that with someone’s precious bike.  We don’t have the budget of  a James Bond Movie.


So we used my 3 wheeled dolly. so recreate the bikers skidding down the road



Close up view of Sean’s face skidding along the road surface.




Filming from inside the helmet




Adding the gore



The leg was absolutely gruesome.  Even though we knew it was false, it was was the stuff of nightmares.








Planning and blocking through the shots.   …using the directors viewfinder.  🙂



Filming with two DSLRs


Simon and I filming on DSLRs



Mike reflecting.







So four hours later we had all the shots needed for the 10 secs of the final edited sequence.


All we need now is the bike shots       link to filming the bikes