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Filming a flashdance doesn’t go to plan

Posted by Phil On March - 10 - 2012

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To promote ITune sales of Gary’s “Everybody Stand in Line” I suggested running a series of public flashdances.  .. One was scheduled for last weekend.

Well I don’t know if you remember the weather, but after a gloriously hot week, on the Sunday it was absolutely pouring down. Even the motorways were flooded!  …which was a problem as not only would the dancers all get very wet, but there was no- one on the streets to see it!

So at the last minute, the location was moved into a nearby shopping centre.

We had permission for the dance in the street, but not inside the shopping mall.  So it wasn’t very long before the security guards pounced, but not before I got some great reactions from the watching crowd.

I think it’s important when filming something like this not to just concentrate on the event, but also to film the reaction to it. So I hand held two cameras, pointing in different directions.

Not easy to keep two steady and composed, but perfect camerawork doesn’t really mater for this sort of thing.

I also tried out Final Cut X for the first time. I haven’t used it before for a complete edit, as I hadn’t dared risk using an untried system and by all accounts (initially) flawed product on an important project. I have however spent many hours reading up the FCPX process, so I thought it would be easy.

Woo.. was I wrong. I found it really hard as it is so different to FCP.   The background rendering is wonderful and I can see many advantages, meta tagging, inbuilt Color rendering etc. but it’s a steep learning curve.

I was only trying it out on a small project, but I can see why full time professional editors initially reacted so adversely.  It’s not really the same program at all.

Anyway here’s the video. Sorry.. the title is a deliberate and shameless attempt to attract Youtube views using “Sexy” and “strip” in the same title,  but it does seem to have worked as it’s had over 300 views in 3 days.  The next plan is a London one with help of the Pineapple dance studio.