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Super 8 camera Digital Cartridge!

Posted by Phil On December - 7 - 2013

Here’s a fascinating idea, that needs some development but just might catch on

The Nolab Digital Super 8 Cartridge Can Make Your Film Cameras Go Digital

What if these old mechanical Super 8 cameras could be repurposed with modern technology in order to create digital images? Well, with the Nolab Digital Super 8 Cartridge, they can.

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At first glance, the idea seems kind of crazy. Why use film cameras to capture a digital image? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Well, yes and no. Of course, many people shoot film because they prefer the aesthetic. However, in the case of the Super 8 cameras that took the proprietary Kodak film cartridges (which have been discontinued), an innovation like this has the potential to give new life to hardware that would otherwise sit and gather dust indefinitely.

By using a 5 megapixel sensor they can capture 720p HD footage at the native Super 8 aspect ratio of 4:3.

Processors integrated into the image sensor are able to  process and encode the footage in real time to a removable SD card.


Here’s the LINK