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“Liaison” trailer out

Posted by Phil On April - 29 - 2015

So here’s the trailer for our latest short film.  “Liaison”  Premièring this Summer in Toronto, where we filmed it last year in a hectic 2 1/2 day schedule in between Festival events. That meant starting at 1 A.M. and filming through till  5 A.M, when we had to stop as dawn made it too bright for night shots.

This was shot on a Panasonic GH4, with minimal extra equipment. No tripod. No lighting, No crew. Just 2 actors (Paul and Melissa) and myself on camera.  We used practical lighting. i.e. whatever was around, but then moulded the light with a black cloth.

Total budget 18 dollars. ..plot spoiler (for the padlock and chain),  but we filmed in exclusive clubs, on a Sunseeker luxury yacht.   …oh and  Paul almost got roughed up, as people thought we were making a porn film.  I wonder who gave them that idea?

Pitch perfect performance of Melissa and Paul. Acting drunk though they had consumed large amounts of alcohol.  What professionals!